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Popular, Gentle, and Customers' All-Time Favorite

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    "Omg! The best! My body is sooo smooth. You use the aplicar, then apply (and) do some things for 20 min. I did it in luke warm water and a rag wipe off the leg hair. It came off like butter. I love this product!"

    -Amanda C.

    "Absolutely no burning very gentle and removed all hair. Leaves a nice soft scent"


    "This stuff is really good! I'm not big on putting anything on my lady area but my wax lady was booked so I said let me try it out. Initially I did my legs and arm pits but this is a game changer! I tried this and it didnt feel bad at all and it didn't burn. Goodbye to waxing! This got me right!!"


    "Didn't take long to come in, was a little nervous cause I was scared of a strong smell but it actually had a cucumber like smell and worked fast.. definitely will be buying again."

    -Sediva M.

    "Where has this been my whole life!! I can never go without it now that I've discovered this amazing product. It's natural, it works wonderfully well, it's made with love and worth every dollar. I'm forever grateful and oh so smooth."


    "Hello, I love this product. I couldn't believe how good and fast it worked. Definitely will be ordering more."

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"After years of struggling with store bought hair removals that disrupted and irritated my skin, I decided there should be a hair removal more carefully and gently formulated for people living with eczema like myself."

"I took a deeper dive and educated myself on my skin and eczema. I learned what triggers my skin and what calms it. First, I started Natural Sugar Waxing. Although sugaring and it's natural ingredients never disrupted my skin, I did not personally like the feeling of waxing. I wanted something more gentle."

"So I did more research and study on natural ingredients and their healing properties, gathered my ingredients, and carefully formulated my dream hair removal product (The Natural Hair Removal Mask)."

After giving away samples and receiving feedback of people wanting MORE, I knew that it could not only work for me but for others facing the challenges of finding a hair removal that is compatible with their sensitive skin... and with that, The Girlee Box was created."

-Dan Lee

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